Creative Services


I’m a graphic designer & yoga teacher living in Brisbane, Australia. Working with clients in the UK and across Australia.



With over seven years of diverse creative industry experience and a BA in Creative Media, I’ve been described as ‘the Jill-of-all-[design]-trades’. A multi-disciplinary creative working as an Art Director/Designer across a broad range of disciplines including Conceptual, Digital, Social, Print and Branding.

A motivated and organised creative with a portfolio that stems from a background in freelance, creative agency and in-house roles. I’m passionate about supporting companies in building a unique, targeted and complete brand story.


I love to teach a mindful, strengthening and holistic yoga practice that is accessible and enjoyable for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and walks of life.

What gives me kicks:

  • Positive mental health. Helping clients to find an individual approach to relaxation and stress management
  • Working with pregnant women to prepare for labour and find comfort in their ever changing bodies
  • Helping those with a particular niggle or restricted movement to find a personalised and enjoyable asana practice